STORMWATER: Stormwater is rain and snow melt that runs off surfaces such as rooftops, paved streets, highways, and parking lots. As water runs off these surfaces, it can pick up pollution such as: oil, fertilizers, pesticides, soil, trash, and animal waste. From here, the water might flow directly into a local stream, bay, or lake. Or, it may go into a storm drain and continue through storm pipes until it is released untreated into a local waterway.

  • For the Department of Ecology’s guide on how to do stormwater sampling, click HERE.

Oil & Grease: Oil & Grease samples should be submitted in a one liter amber glass bottle, that has been precleaned and certified to be free of certain contaminants. Samples must be preserved with Hydrochloric Acid within 4 hours of collection. If you are unable to return your sample within 4 hours, we can provide you with pre-preserved containers (although appropriate precautions must be taken while collecting your sample).

METALS: Avocet can test for metals in a variety of matrices such as drinking water and wastewater from Arsenic to Zinc and more.

BOD: Avocet can determine the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), or the amount of oxygen required for microbial metabolism of organic compounds in water. BOD samples should be collected in a one liter plastic container, and returned to the laboratory within 24 hours, so that testing can begin within the allowable holding time.

TSS Total Suspended Solids (TSS) look for the dry weight of particles trapped by a filter. TSS testing requires a minimum of 1 Liter, and up to 2 Liters if the sample is extremely clean/clear.

Fecal Coliform samples should be submitted in a designated sterile bottle, and must be returned to the laboratory within 6 hours of collection.

NWTPH: Working with our contract laboratory, we can provide the full range of Northwest Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (NWTPH) tests including gasoline, diesel, BTEX, heating fuels and heavy motor oils as required by the Washington NWTPH monitoring program.

*Click HERE for a comprehensive menu of tests that we offer.

WASTEWATER ANALYSIS: Avocet’s services include waste water monitoring as required by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), as well as other industrial discharge permit requirements. Bring us your requirements and we will customize your testing program.

We utilize highly specialized analytical methods that were specifically approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to be accurate and precise enough to measure concentrations at required levels.

TCLP: Avocet has the capability to extract and analyze compounds required to fulfill the Total Characteristic Leacheate Procedure (TCLP).

*Click HERE for a comprehensive menu of tests that we offer.

SURFACE WATER: Avocet can monitor fecal coliform levels, as well as nutrient levels, metals, and other analyses.

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